Why Donate

Light Her Fire, and She Will Change the World…
For over 30 years, Girls Inc. has been committed to transforming lives, one girl, one family, and one community at a time. We take our role in inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold very seriously, and we thank you for your partnership in making this possible.

At Girls Inc. we know that all girls are born with a latent potential that requires nurturing and encouragement to fully blossom. Many of us have been fortunate enough to have someone or something in our life awaken this potential in us, a catalyst that inspired the confidence or determination we needed to pursue our dreams. Unfortunately, there are far too many girls whose potential has never been awakened. Girls who are underestimated and overlooked. Girls who don’t have access to the support or guidance they need to reach their full potential. And that’s what Girls Inc. has set out to change.

We believe that every girl has the potential for success and that every girl has the right to pursue her own ambitions, in spite of the context of her life or the obstacles she faces. By connecting them with trained mentors and delivering consistent programming throughout adolescence, we make sure that each girl receives the education, encouragement, and guidance she needs to reach her full potential.

Our work helps shape leaders, innovators, and doers who can make a positive difference in our communities and become role models for generations of women to come. Your support of Girls Inc. is a testament that you share our vision and are as eager as we are to make it a reality.