Mother/Daughter Workshops

Girls Inc. of Durham offers a choice of Mother/Daughter weekend workshops. Emphasis will be placed on how to communicate respectfully and effectively to avoid those dreaded confrontations! Workshops provide interactive, playful and self-esteem building activities for both mother and daughter. The workshops also aim to empower mothers with effective skills to help raise confident, independent young women.  $20/per pair

Next Workshop: To be determined. If interested please contact Tracey McCannell, Director of Programming at 
Girls Inc. 1- 398 Bayly St. W. Ajax
: When it comes to healthy eating, we know that it is usually the parent or other adult in the family who makes the decisions about what foods to purchase and how to prepare the food.   When it comes to being physically active, we know that girls can benefit from having a peer or family member as a partner who will also commit to a physical activity routine.  We also know that many girls and families struggle to develop regular physical activity routines because of busy lives, costs associated with physical activity, limited space, and the challenge of finding a physical activity they truly enjoy.  Nutrition and physical activity are therefore areas where family involvement is especially critical to the success of the Mind+Body Initiative.  

This Mother Daughter Workshop will help ensure girls age 8 to 14 will have the support they need to take charge of their health.   Mind+Body will help girls strive to be healthy and feel better about their bodies.  This half-day workshop will help girls increase physical activity; increase knowledge and practice of healthy eating habits; develop a positive attitude and increased knowledge on the benefits of physical activity; improve body image and understand the importance of maintaining a healthy body weight; avoid tobacco and substance use; and learn how to manage stress in healthy ways; increase self-esteem and confidence.

For girls age 8 to 14 and the significant woman in her life (mom, guardian, aunt, grandmother, older sister, etc)

At Girls Inc. we believe that the mother-daughter relationship is of prime importance because mothers are such influential role models for their daughters. We also recognize that there are serious challenges in growing from girlhood to womanhood. For these reasons, Girls Inc. offers a selection of mother/daughter workshops to provide valuable support to mothers and their daughters.

The Mother Daughter Workshops enhances communication and listening skills for Mothers or “Other Mothers” and Daughters. The focus is on helping participants identify and support life and economic goals and aspirations for girls.

Money Talks
This unique research-based workshop was designed for girls aged 9-14 and their mother, guardian, grandparent, explore the money messages they received and how they affect their spending habits. Money Talks will teach young girls the value of a dollar, the concept of budgeting their money, and to start thinking about their financial future and independence. Girls will learn to think critically about their spending needs vs. wants and gain a greater appreciation for YOUR money. This workshop will encourage and facilitate open dialogue about this exciting topic.  

Contact Tracey McCannell, Director of Programming at or call 905 428-8111 ext 22 to learn more.