Allies In Action

The Allies in Action program, teaches girls how to positively navigate social situations and overcome relational aggression. Objectives for the program:

  • Build stronger relationships and leadership skills
  • Development of problem solving and conflict resolution skills (peer mediation and empowerment of bystanders).
  • Reduced aggressive, hurtful, and violent behaviours
  • Boost girls’ confidence and self-esteem
  • Encourage girls to critically analyze where they receive messages about their beliefs and values. Address stereotypes.
  • Engage girls as peer mentors of Allies in Action activities and discussions with younger girls in their school through mini-workshops
  • Improved achievement and attendance in school of frequent “girl fighters”

For further information on how to bring Girls Inc. to your school contact:
Tracey McCannell, Director of Programming at 905 428-8111 ext 22